Discover Your YOU

Release yourself from the energy drain of pleasing & perfecting by discovering 6 keys to awaken your authenticity.

Be seen. Be felt. Be heard.

REAL Principles of Mutual Connection
HEAL Keys to Connection Workshop

Your Personal Journey Inspired by the Natural Grace of Horses

Personal coaching combined with the experience of being close to horses in nature helps us find our way to the soul self. The horses embody strength in their presence, an awareness in the present moment and a deep emotional authenticity. Their social nature and desire to create authentic relationships calls our deepest self to the surface once again.

Join us on the ranch and experience this discovery for yourself.


Drea is a generous, supportive partner in helping you birth yourself into the fullness of who you are. She embodies the quality of a dear friend, wise woman and powerful ally — all rolled into one amazing coach. Drea’s work with honoring, evolving and nurturing the horse-human connection is a profound gift to horses and humans alike. ~ Sasha