A Milestone for Mia


Muddy_MiaTwo weeks after Mia’s arrival she hit a big milestone … she laid down and rolled! We have never been so excited to have a muddy horse!

Lying down is a vulnerable thing to do for any horse and even more so for Mia because of her front leg disabilities. Knowing that she feels safe enough here to lie down for a good roll on both sides is heart warming!

Understanding trauma and supporting trauma recovery is something we do for humans and nonhuman sanctuary residents equally.

Mia, a mare paint rescued by the Kitsap Humane Society, was delivered to our sanctuary on February 12, thanks to more than $5,000 contributed by generous donors who wanted to make Mia a permanent resident of One Heart Wild Education Sanctuary.


We still need to raise an additional $5,000 to pay for the treatment costs and other expenses needed to nurse Mia back to full health over the next two years. To learn more about her needs, click here.

If you can help, please click here!

Once Mia is healed, we hope that she will want to work with the children, teens and adults who come to the Sanctuary for therapy services.

Stay tuned for updates on Mia’s progress here at One Heart a Wild.