If tomorrow was your last day on earth…what would you do?

Such a powerful question and one that can really help you check in with yourself about the balance in your life.

When you ask yourself that question, and allow yourself to consider the answers as if it could be true, your answers will come from your soul’s voice. Answers that reflect what is truly most important to you and most likely they will all point to connections with other people, doing something you have always wanted to do or giving yourself permission to stop worrying about what other people might think about what you want to say, do, wear, or try.…

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Light Your Way (and Your Brain) with Positive Support

Healthy, clear, authentic, relationships help us experience moments of connection that are truly capable of changing how we think, speak, and act towards ourselves and others.

There is no doubt, in order for us to be our best as human beings, we have to be surrounded by people, and social bond non-humans too, that bring out the best in us. In my last blog I reminded you of three simple questions that you can ask yourself to help keep you moving in a direction that is consistently self supporting.…

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A Guiding Force for Your 2015

We’ve been talking about letting the world around you See, Feel and Hear your authentic voice. Finding the courage, taking the risk, allowing yourself to step outside of out dated roles you may still be playing and do a bit of authenticity experimentation.

I hope you’ve taken these messages to heart and challenged yourself to do more of what it takes to feel seen, heard and felt by the world around you.

This need we have to be seen, felt and heard shows up in all of our relationships as well; whether you are at home, with friends or at work.

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The Wisdom in Finding a New Perspective

“You may not control all the events that happen to you,
but you can decide not to be reduced by them.
Try to be a rainbow in someone else’s cloud.
Do not complain.
Make every effort to change things you do not like.
If you cannot make a change, change the way you have been thinking.
You might find a new solution.”

Maya Angelou, Letter to my Daughter

Today my mother is having a mastectomy.…

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Meaningful Life or Happy Life – Are They the Same Thing?

I think the most common thread my clients share is that they have reached a crossroads—in life, relationships or career—and they are longing to create a deeper sense of purpose and meaning in their lives.

It is not that they want to discount anything prior to this pivotal moment of seeking something expansive, but rather they feel pulled by a readiness to open a new chapter.

It is a chapter of possibility that touches and expresses a part of them that—up until this point—has taken a back seat to the many obligations and roles that required their life energy.

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How to Overcome ‘Your Story’

What does it take to overcome our patterns of behavior and thoughts? You know those patters that keep us stuck; the ones that have us making the same painful choices in life, love and work.

Do you often find yourself caught up in energy wasting drama, churning in self doubt and criticism, and spending your precious life energy pleasing and perfecting for others?

Are you constantly trying to prove you are ‘good enough’ or protecting yourself by building walls, acting defensively or checking out emotionally in an effort to not be seen, felt or heard?…

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