How to Live Believing You ARE Enough

“Authenticity is the alignment of head, mouth, heart, and feet—thinking, saying, feeling, and doing the same thing—consistently.”  ~ Lance Secretan

From the time I took a deep breath in 2004 and walked away from a career where I had lost myself, I haven’t looked back.

That is not to say by any stretch of the imagination that I stepped into a blissfully easy life expressing my unique soul’s voice. It is challenging to hold the fear at bay, to keep calling for and really listening to our inner wisdom and to make choices that are in alignment with who we are becoming, the women we want to be in the world.…

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Are you ready to reclaim what was lost?

After nearly thirty years in nonprofit business management, consulting, and human resources, I am on the other side of a mid-life reinvention.

Remembering the woman I had lost somewhere along life’s path began shortly after I unexpectedly brought horses back in to my life. I didn’t know how much I had lost her, how much I missed her—that wild Montana spirit of a girl—until I started to remember who she was, what she loved, what she stood for and how many choices I had made in my adult life that were not honoring her.

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Be Seen as the True YOU

The idea of being authentic is becoming a buzz word for “I want to be seen for who I really am.”

There is a movement happening . . . authenticity is something we are seeking to experience in the presence of people who accept and appreciate that about us.

As a life mentor and guide, I see the challenge so many of us face when taking the risk to show up in our world authentic, open hearted, and with a strong sense of personal authority .…

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Are You Feeling Invisible?

It can happen to anyone . . . the nagging presence of what I like to call the “invisibles.”

The feeling moves in and just won’t go away.

We give to our family, our children, our friends, our careers.

We give until it hurts (sometimes we are not even aware of that pain), then we give a little more. We don’t realize that we need to give more to ourselves.…

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