It’s time to capture the life you’ve always envisioned.

You know deep inside what you want for your one precious life, even if years of obligation, expectation and responsibility have clouded over it for you. Deep inside you feel that authentic self waiting for her turn to be the guiding force in your life.

You can reconnect with your inner wisdom. It is possible to find and share your authentic voice with the world. To have the life you want free from pleasing, perfecting and performing.

You can have time for the activities which fulfill and sustain your spirit. You can be a stronger, more content YOU who gives and receives from the world around her. You can laugh, dance and be free to experience the magic of life again.

Commit to reconnecting with your most authentic voice. As your coach, I will help you spend time in gratitude for the parts of your life that feel right. We’ll also work to open your heart to finding solutions to the parts that don’t feel quite right.

Are you ready to find those solutions? An openness in your heart gets you on the path, but supporting your commitment to change actually gets you moving forward again.

There is no time like the present to creating all that you have been dreaming about for your one precious life.

As women, we are sadly conditioned from a young age to fit into a culture with confusing messages about who we should and shouldn’t be.

These mixed messages keep you from believing in or seeing your individual gifts, truth, or passions. It is almost a guarantee that most of us will reach a point in our lives where we feel COMPELLED to ask:

  • How would I live, love and work if I could let go of conforming to ideas society has for me?
  • How can I find that courage to just BE Who I AM every single day?

or maybe it is more like this:

  • I have struggled with this, whatever it is, my whole life and it is keeping me from being Who I Want To Be. What will it take for me to find the courage to change?

You are a caring, nurturing person and it is so easy to get caught up in trying to prove ourselves to others over the course of life. You have been fighting and pushing so hard for so long that it’s possible you can no longer hear your authentic voice, let alone act on it! Rest assured, that voice is not gone. We just need to clear away the clutter so you can find it again.

A lifetime of ‘fitting in’ and ‘pushing hard’ is the suffocating force that drowned your authentic self.

Is it time for you to renew and refresh your commitment to YOU — time to create space and hear that quiet voice deep within that knows and protects the authentic YOU?

Are you ready for . . . 

  • Trusting your deep wisdom
  • Feeling fully connected to YOUR life
  • Remembering and expressing your creativity
  • Making a plan for your dreams
  • Living your authenticity in every way
  • Expressing your unique gifts and passions

Being seen, felt and heard for the woman you are; not the one that life and society has molded you into being, but the woman you always dreamed you would be.

You want to live in a meaningful, fulfilling and purposeful way. You are ready to begin the next chapter, you are committed to reaching out, fully aware of the challenges and rewards of seeking this authentic life.


The Summer Coaching Program has begun! I’ll send a note to your inbox when registration opens again.

You are ready to start honoring your truth.

I want to confirm for you that it is possible to step towards your authentic life expression without giving up anything that is important to you. You can dream big and accomplish those goals. You can take risks and trust in yourself to find the way through no matter what comes.

Coaching creates a safe and supportive environment that lets you explore the possibilities for your life without feeling pressure to please and perform.

You can be your most messy, silly, snarky, brilliant self in a place free of judgment.

This is a mentor relationship where you can find healing and growth so you can begin to see yourself in all the ways you long for others to see you. Through coaching, you will . . .

  • Reconnect with your inner wisdom
  • Learn to nurture and protect your authentic self
  • Establish healthy boundaries
  • Understand how to say no and yes when it feels right to YOU
  • Empower yourself to step out of fear and worry
  • Release the old ‘rules’ that are holding you back
  • Experience greater confidence in your ability to live YOUR life
  • Listen to and trust the wisdom within you

I encourage you to pause for a moment and check in with your heart. Do you feel the urge to move forward? To reclaim what is rightfully yours in this life?

Are you ready to courageously step up, hold yourself accountable with love and acceptance and one step at a time, get to that place in life you have always envisioned?

If the answer is yes—click below to begin your three 60-minute coaching sessions with unlimited email support between them.

The Summer Coaching Program has begun! I’ll send a note to your inbox when registration opens again.

It’s understandable that you may feel scared, nervous and a bit uncertain in this moment. Allow your authentic self to guide you forward.

“Working with Drea has been incredibly significant. I felt stuck and she helped me move forward, empowering me to step out of the fear and anxiety that was holding me back. There is strength in her that radiates out, and it gives you strength just by working with her.” ~ Brenda

“My gut said yes, HELL YES, to working with Drea. She revealed a vulnerability in me that I didn’t even know was there. I’ve had trust issues in the past, but I felt so safe. This raw cry just erupted out of me. I could feel that voice within returning. It was a coming of age. There was so much unresolved emotion hiding within me and Drea helped me heal. I’ve always been the caretaker, but I never took care of myself. Drea gave me permission to do that. She made it OK to unleash the transformation that needed to occur. I wish it was something that I’d had at 20. It’s boosted my self-confidence and become the launching pad for things to come!” ~ Tami

“What caught my attention about Drea’s work was the opportunity to be my authentic self. I was so emotional at the time, crying about things that weren’t even worth crying about. Drea really helped me understand where it was coming from. She made me feel like it was OK to let go, to be comfortable with the uncomfortableness. Drea has taught me how to love and respect myself fully.” ~ Jeremy

“Drea is an amazing listener who never belittled my fears; she knew when to stay quiet and give me a safe space in which to reflect. She was holding my sacred space there in the silence, leaving room for me to find the courage to step into that space myself when I was ready. The more you work with Drea, the more your many layers are revealed, and the more your world opens up.” ~ Roby

“I had lost connection with myself. Drea was the catalyst to really being able to know myself better. My overall sense of awareness has grown, I am trusting myself and no longer overriding that inner voice.” ~ Erin

“Drea is so compassionate and super intuitive. She was able to just understand me and what I was going through. I’ve been able to recognize my own “junk” and I feel free, more confident in my own life. The sense of connection, feeling believed in and accepted . . . that is what she creates for you. It’s completely magical. You gain a lot of understanding of yourself, but also the world around you.” ~ Jessica

“Drea has a depth of wisdom that she shares freely. You are bound to have a profound, rich experience learning things about yourself that are applicable to so many aspects of your life. Anyone who is looking to go more deeply within themselves, their lives and their relationships—there will be so much more than you can expect to uncover in working with Drea.” ~ Eleanor

“Drea wasn’t what I expected. I was really looking for someone to help me stay focused and move into the next step of my career. She taught me how to go into my soul and learn my deepest desires. There was a place inside I couldn’t reach. It felt walled off. With Drea’s encouragement, I’ve searched deeper. I’ve uncovered the gifts and treasure buried inside. If you want more in your life, this is where you must begin. There is a depth and wealth that makes working with her truly fulfilling. She’s taught me how to be really authentic to myself, to hear that voice within. The depth of discovery just continues to grow each day. I am stepping more into what I am here to do.” ~ Kirstin

The Summer Coaching Program has begun! I’ll send a note to your inbox when registration opens again.