One Heart Wild Education Sanctuary ~ 501c3

EIN: 47-3649523

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Fiscal Sponsor: Kitsap Community Foundation

Our Vision:

To create a community that fosters healing by reconnecting with our authentic selves, our animal kin and nature.


Our Mission:

To provide programs that cultivate social, emotional, and leadership life skills, foster empathy and mutually beneficial relationships with our animal kin, and reconnect people with nature.


We do this through a variety of experiential Nature – Human – Non Human Animal Interaction &  Education Programs – Catalysts for healing, empowering & educating every being through mutual respect, compassion, empathy, boundaries, caring  and connection.

  • Non riding – relational & mutually beneficial equine experiential learning and psychotherapy services.
  • Human Animal Interaction / eco psychology – developing present moment observation and somatic awareness skills through connection to nature.
  • Humane Education Programs and Outreach – Promoting humane attitudes towards people, animals, and the environment.
  • Factory farm animal welfare & environmental advocacy & education. One Heart Wild has a particular interest in providing a safe environment for non human animals to recover from human created psychological suffering caused when social bonds between mothers and babies are disrupted, exploited, abused, disregarded, and neglected; dairy cows and their veal calves, lambs, nurse mares and their discarded foals, pregnant mare urine industry (Premarin/Prempro) mares and foals, battery caged chickens, pigs and piglets harmed by gestation crating.

Being in nature and engaging with horses (and other non human animals) through focused and reflective activities reveal challenges and solutions that can be directly transferable to everyday life. Horses, like humans, respond to congruence of intention and action, trustworthy and connective leadership, a desire to understand and be understood and to committed and engaging relational collaboration.

We know from the research in neuroscience that what has been hurt or damaged in relationship must be healed and empowered in relationship. Humans can do this healing and self discovery within relationship with non human social mammals. Recent research in equine experiential learning with youth through WSU has shown one of the ways this works is by reducing stress and the release of the stress hormone Cortisol.

One Heart Wild Education Sanctuary Services

This diagram represents the ways in which clients will enter in to our services. The bottom section and the middle section represent referrals from partnerships with community human and health services, counselors, schools, and local special interest groups. The top of the triangle represents self referrals and people who find us either through their insurance company or by word of mouth.

Programs include; individual sessions, family sessions, 6-12 week group sessions for youth, positive development youth group programs, human-animal interaction, nature, and humane education themed outreach, sanctuary visits and after school programs.

Programs also include the rehabilitation of farm animals who will become sanctuary residents and education ambassadors. Each ambassador sheds light on the plight of their species as part of the inhumane industrial food chain as well as the environmental impact of the industry.

Our first rescue to sanctuary resident will be a small group of battery caged hens.


We Welcome Your Support of Our Mission to Inspire Empathy, Compassion, and Individual Self Expression for all and to Serve Our Community through Positive Personal Development & Humane Education for People, Animals, and the Planet.



Meet the One Heart Wild Board of Directors

Drea Bowen, BCC

Drea is a board certified life and wellness coach and founder of R.E.A.L. Principles for Mutual Connection ~ The Science & Soul of the Human Animal Bond. Drea’s lifelong passion for non human animals, nature, and the environment along with her commitment to empowering people to heal their relationship with self, each other, our animal kin and the natural world led to the creation of One Heart Wild Education Sanctuary. Drea has decades of experience managing and volunteering for nonprofit organizations, is certified through Human Equine Alliance for Learning, and is currently back in school completing a degree in Trans-Species Psychology with an emphasis on Human Animal Studies.

Brenda Newell, LICSW

Brenda Newell is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker.  As a clinician she is trained in a number of therapeutic modalities, however her experience is that an eclectic approach is the most effective, meeting a person where they are at in their process and finding the path that is most effective for them. Her background and extensive training includes: serving the Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, and Transgender (LGBT) community, working with individuals impacted by abuse and violence, individuals living with HIV/AIDS, individuals seeking support for significant life transitions, holistic approaches to wellness, and bringing humans and horses together for healing through Equine Facilitated Learning and Psychotherapy.  Brenda is a Sexual Minorities and Gender Specialist for the LGBT community, a Certified Children’s Mental Health Specialist and a Certified Human Equine Alliance for Learning & Psychotherapy Facilitator.  Brenda is passionate about One Heart Wild and the opportunities to create healing and wellness as we partner together to connect nature, animals and humans.

Roby Snyder

Roby’s work experience included 4 years as an elementary school teacher; 22 years with Lockheed Martin in various capacities, and facilities around the country,  including group lead, staff to 3 division managers, and 3 Directors,

Head of Administrative Staff in charge of researching and writing all administrative procedures for a new LM venture based on corporate and customer requirements; setting up financial controls including proposing, negotiating, creating, and managing a $2.6 million direct and indirect budget which also included creating a charge number structure and timekeeping system, and daily, weekly, monthly and annual reports and presentations for upper management.

Roby has been retired since  October 2002; however, in the past several years, she has been a volunteer for The Jewel Box theater in Poulsbo,  most recently working on the 2015 annual Gala Fund-raising committee which raised more than $33K,  the most ever raised.

Brie Youngker

Brie is an experienced relational lifelong equestrian. She was the Chair for Marketing & Community Relations for the Historic Downtown Poulsbo Association 2006-2009. Brie is also an experienced volunteer for Therapeutic Riding for children and adults with mental and physical disabilities where she also participated in fundraising efforts and events. In addition she was a volunteer for children’s horse camp (teaching horse safety, horse care, anatomy & conformation, and riding lessons).