R.E.A.L.™ Principles of Mutual Connection teaches you how to:

  • Cultivate a mutually connected relationship between you, your horses and your clients
  • Utilize the core R.E.A.L™ principles in your life, training and work as an EFPL practitioner
  • Analyze exercises for horse and client interactions to ensure they protect the horses well-being
  • Improve your horse’s emotional resiliency by recognizing early signs of emotional distress and know how to respond accordingly
  • Enhance your feel and timing by understanding how awareness affects your perception and decisions

The R.E.A.L™ principles—based on current equine and psychological science guidelines—create experiential opportunities that will expand your knowledge and confidence with horses, promote self-healing and discovery for your clients, and teach you what it takes to allow the horse to participate as a unique individual.

This is a hands-on training retreat experience with horses, balanced by discussion and learning on all aspects of working with them from a relationship-first perspective.

Strengthen Your Personal Bond

The R.E.A.L.™ Principles of Mutual Connection training retreat is uniquely designed to support horse owners and EFPL professionals with a focus on understanding our equine relationships and the emotional and physical needs of the horse. In this work, we are called to consider their wellness: emotionally, physically, psychologically and spiritually. Taking responsibility for our role in their well-being brings us a deep sense of alignment with our purpose in our work with horses.

Create Authentic Trust

This training retreat guarantees to expand your understanding of who the horse is and how we have missed some very important keys to providing them well-being in our human world. It will invigorate YOU about expanding the possibilities for working with these amazing animals.

Improve the Client Experience

There is gap between the very heart of our experiential work—creating mutually beneficial horse-human connection—and ‘facilitating’ healing, personal discovery and friendship for our clients with exercises that honor the horse and client equally. Understanding and applying the R.E.A.L™ principles more fully in your work allows for the opportunity to close this gap.

Drea’s compassionate regard for her horses and for people creates the possibility of a dynamic relationship, one I call ‘relationship in movement.’ I watched and observed her creating that triad of partnership between herself, the horse and the client from the calm and centered place of connection to an active and engaged form of consensual leadership. It is rare in the field of equine facilitated learning.

~ Kathleen Barry-Ingram, Founder of Sacred Space of Possibility and Co-Founder of the Epona Approach with Linda Kohanov

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It’s easy to be very focused on learning facilitation skills, an essential part of this work. But perhaps you haven’t yet devoted equal time to understanding your horse’s role and needs within it.

At the very heart of our healing work is the authentic relationship we have with our horses. This comes before we invite a client to a session. R.E.A.L.™ Principles of Mutual Connection will transform your training and is designed to help you protect the horse by allowing him/her to experience mutually beneficial sessions with you and your clients.

The R.E.A.L.™ Principles of Mutual Connection training retreat includes:

  • Exploration of the natural behavior of horses
  • Understanding the attributes and consequences of training methods
  • Learning to assess emotional well-being and rehabbing
  • Observing the herd and working individually with multiple horses
  • Processing your experience for deeper levels of understanding
  • Developing new and evaluating existing exercises to ensure well-being
  • Sharing your experiences and connecting with the group each day
  • Reconnecting with nature and your authentic path with horses
  • Recognizing how to see and feel the each horse as a unique individual
  • Understanding the biological influences of gender without prejudice

What I love about you is your enthusiasm, openness, you don’t criticize, judge, you are present but detached in a good way. You are a great listener, you are extremely perceptive. You and the horses together are like magic. I don’t know how you see so much in seemingly minor human-horse interactions, and then translate that into life changing observations for the client. In my eyes that is your most amazing gift.

~ Ashley Richter

Drea has a natural intuition about working with horses and humans that gives her a remarkable ability to stay present, to offer suggestions for the next course of action, and to provide insights that move one forward in pursuit of balance and energy. Drea provided a two-day workshop in which my partners and I grew enormously, and learned many valuable new ideas about working with horses. We were all changed. I am different in the company of horses now because of her. I bring new insights to my work with clients because of her shared wisdom. We are all grateful to Drea about all she has given us and talk about our time with Drea frequently. We look forward to our next opportunity to learn with her. Thank you Drea!!

~ Ruthi Davenport

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R.E.A.L.™ Principles Investment

After you’ve soaked up every innovative technique, tool and methodology at the R.E.A.L.™ Principles of Mutual Connection training retreat, you’ll do more than just transform your relationship with horses.

You’ll also be recognized as one of the forerunners in our field, having elevated the work you do in a meaningful and authentic way and ready to advocate for horses both personally and professionally.

Horse Human Bond Workshop Dates | Cost: $175

July 5 – 6 (classroom workshop/bring a lunch) Heart of the Herd Ranch & Retreat Center, Silverdale, WA / 10:00-12:30, 1:30-4 daily (8 max per session)

R.E.A.L. Training Retreat Dates | Cost: $795

USA Dates –

August 21-24 (with Guest Instructor Kathleen Barry Ingram) / Heart of the Herd Ranch & Retreat Center, Silverdale WA
October 3-6 / Heart of the Herd Ranch & Retreat Center, Silverdale, WA