Step Into Your Joy

Step Away From Should Do, Pleasing and Perfecting

This is the simple secret truth (because no one tells us) that has the power to transform your life. When you create a kind, accepting, trusting, authentic relationship with yourself,  you can literally launch into living a truly joyful, meaningful and happy life.

You REALLY CAN CHOOSE to no longer let the fear of not being good enough enslave you to living your life from a “should do” list—constantly pleasing and perfecting at home, at work and within your relationships.

There is no YOU in a “should do” life. There is only the never ending, painful pursuit of feeling good enough.

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Are you an . . .

book-standingThe simple secret truth is that you already ARE good enough, you don’t need to be anybody else!

You may be asking . . .

  • I have tried “self-help” programs before. I have my very own library of books and DVDs. Nothing I have done sticks with me so why would this be any different?
  • How can I possibly change when so many people know me for who I have become to them in life?
  • If I change, will I lose my family, my friends, the things in my life that feel most important to me?
  • I don’t know how I could find the courage to change, to really listen to my soul self. What if I fail and create an even bigger mess in my life?
  • I have carried the world on my shoulders for so long, been everything to everyone all of my life, where would I even start to shift? How is that even possible?

Recognize the power of ‘what if’ and ‘failure’ fears.

It is not only possible to shift and transform your life; it is a relatively straightforward process of increasing your awareness around how the inside of you has been working.

You can begin to identify what triggers your stress, those thoughts and behaviors that cause you to suffer, feel bad about yourself and feel stuck. You can begin to identify the chatter in your head that starts your cycle of negative self-talk—the cycle that affects your ability to feel good, think positive and find joy in life.

And best of all, you can begin to feel the difference learning how to be kind to yourself and show personal compassion can make in your life.  These are not difficult or impossible steps, and they will have a powerful impact on your life.

Drea is very perceptive and was able, in a very short time, to assist me in ruling out what I do not need to pursue and help define the direction I need to focus on. She aptly aided me in recognizing my full body YES! and to use this in staying on course. ~ Liz

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Are you an . . .

When you are aware, you are half way there,” is what I often like to remind all of my coaching clients. From awareness you can develop new skills and tools to make lasting, meaningful shifts for your life.

  • Understand the simple, transformative power of awareness and presence to yourself
  • Discover your inside story and how you are unknowingly getting in your own way
  • Experience what it is like to become curious about what makes you tick without judgment
  • Connect with your YOU, understand how you lost track of her and how you can take meaningful steps toward living a life that is authentically YOU

The irony about our ideas around failing is that the only way we can truly fail is by not trying . . .

We allow fear to keep us “out of the arena,” as Dr. Brene’ Brown says from her research. The outcome doesn’t matter. Life doesn’t change only if we have a desired outcome. It begins shifting the moment we find the courage to choose to get in the arena.

We can’t learn, grow, or discover ourselves when fear keeps us locked in to old patterns and beliefs about failing.

I have done this work in my own life and am joyfully living my Soul Life because of it.

Like you, I tried many avenues for self-development, and nothing else allowed me to shift like the ideas and techniques I am sharing with my coaching clients. This is what I am on this earth to do and I am passionate about it.

But trusting in me is a double-sided proposition. The decision you make today is all about what is right for you.

On the one hand, I would tell you that you have to trust yourself and follow your gut, your own intuition. Does working with me “feel” right to you?

On the other hand, I would ask you to get curious about what gets in your way.  Is there a fear there? What do you feel it is about? Is it about failure? Is it about what people might say or think? Is it a story you have been telling yourself? Be kind and curious with yourself. If the leap doesn’t feel monumental (like you are bullying yourself into doing something you aren’t quite ready for), but rather feels like something you know you must do—are ready to do—it’s time to kindly and courageously show up for YOU. Take a deep breath and SHOW UP even though you may feel scared out of your mind, this is the time to dig deep, find the courage, and CHOOSE to take that first step.

I have discovered this whole new happy, bright, dancing me! Drea has given me the insights and necessary skills to recognize my fears and my fear responses. I have learned how to use fear and emotions for information. Through all of this I have discovered or should I say, rediscovered myself! ~ Cheryl

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Are you an . . .

You have spent most all of your life adjusting and learning the roles and rules for surviving your particular path.

You have learned to fit in—how to do, say, think and act in ways that are acceptable to the people and situations that surround you (or drive yourself into the ground trying to do those things). Even though this path may have brought you “success,” it may also feel hollow and may even have been painful.

When your life experience isn’t expressing your unique, authentic soul self—your passion, your creativity, your connection to your personal values, your ability to feel joy—the costs of living life to fit in become obvious.

These include high stress, loneliness, depression, anxiety, lack of energy for your personal health and wellness, feeling stuck and overwhelmed, feeling disconnected from your purpose, feeling resigned—thinking it’s too late to change—and maybe even hopelessness.

You and only you can decide to inspire your life.

Only you can choose to begin the journey back to discovering who your soul self is, and learning how you can love, accept, trust and reflect that discovery into your life.

I have kept my spiritual self and physical self as separate as possible, but I learned that just going with my gut or letting my left brain take over was the cause of my second guessing. Drea, thank you for showing me how to meld that left and right brain, to start on the process of letting my thinking side more fully acknowledge the intuitive side without just giving over to it, but to understand the process so that I can feel at peace & have resonance! ~ Karin

You are the only one that can choose to live and love your authenticity instead of allowing your fear of change to keep you where you are.

This is a door that will be open when you are ready to walk through it. You will feel it in every step you take to determine what comes next. Begin today with this free workbook download and you’ll begin to . . .

  • Build the bridge between who you are and who you want to be.
  • Focus your efforts with 6 action steps towards one goal.
  • Learn the keys to creating lasting, sustainable change.
  • Understand your readiness factor with 3 powerful tools.
  • Discover your ideal path on the journey ahead.

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Are you an . . .